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It is no secret that the State of Georgia can produce unpredictable weather. Strong winds, heavy rains, pelting hail, beaming sun, high temperatures, and sporadically even snow/freezing rain can come in it’s appropriate season, or you may get all of these conditions within the same week. Welcome to Georgia. With unexpected heavy storms already hitting the Metro-Atlanta area in 2020, it would be wise to go ahead and scan your roof for possible storm damage.

Roof storm damage in Georgia can range in severity. In order to ensure your roof is ready for the next hit, be on the look-out for these ailments in your roof.

Water Damage

This can be spotted in your ceiling or even in your attic. Areas of water-stained spots may indicate there is a leak in your roof.

Shingle Deterioration

Hail and strong rain can begin to wear down the strength of your shingles. Damaged or missing shingles is frequently encountered in North Georgia. If there are granules rolling off of your roof along with  evident dents, these shingles are ready to be repaired. Moisture in the shingle can cause inadequate attic ventilation. When shingles are curling and buckling and refuse to reseal, it may be time for a full roof replacement. Remember, a lot of the issues with your current roof may point back to improper installation.

Flashing (material used to cover joints, and wall construction to prevent water damage)

We have found that flashing is amongst one of the highest issues seen in roof storm damage in Georgia causing roof failure. This is usually due to storm damage, substandard flashing materials, or inferior workmanship on installation. Hewatt Roofing has extensive experience in the repair of damaged and loose flashing, which will prevent further deck deterioration and roof leak damage.

It is inevitable to encounter storms in the south. Roof storm damage in Georgia will occur. The questions are when, and who will you get to replace/repair your roof?  Serving the Metro-Atlanta area, Hewatt Roofing would like to be your roofing experts to ensure satisfaction with any project that you may need. Protected by a 5-year workmanship warranty, you have nothing to lose. Call us today for your roofing concerns. We look forward to serving you with the utmost integrity, expert evaluations and superior installation!

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