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Ways To Keep Cold Weather Damage To A Minimum With Gutter Installation Near You

Icicles on the edge of your gutters are normal in cold weather with precipitation, but are ice dams dangerous?

Precipitation in Georgia

The southeast gets an average of around 50 inches of precipitation each year, including some frozen precipitation. Georgia receives frequent precipitation throughout the year, raining from upwards of 80 inches in the mountainous northeastern corner of the state to around 45 inches in the eastern and central portions. Within that time frame, there are three months that usually include freezing or below freezing temperatures. Let’s take a look at some ways to keep cold weather damage to a minimum with gutter installation near you..


Winter Weather Blues

Freezing is inevitable during the winter months in most parts of Georgia. When the temperatures get below freezing, aluminum and metal get cold enough to freeze water. Icicles may form on the edge of your gutters or gutter guards. This is usually a sign that snow from your roof is melting and headed toward your gutters. The water may refreeze when it hits the cold metal creating icicles, which are common. But what about ice dams? In the same manner, the snow from your roof begins to melt and head toward your gutters. However, when your attic is experiencing heat loss, the snow and ice will melt at a more rapid pace. This large amount of water refreezes when it reaches your roof’s edge and gutters which are still cold. These large masses can cause your gutter system to tear down, or other damages or dangers to the surrounding area. This can also cause a block to the flow of subsequent water and cause water damage to your home.


Frequent Inspection

To avoid rain getting inside your home or damaging your home’s foundation, it is crucial to have a well running gutter system in place. Keep your gutters clean to avoid clogging and water overflow. There are ways to keep your gutters free from debris. Your gutters are the go between from your roof to the ground, keeping the water from running down your home’s walls. Clean gutters and the proper use of downspouts will keep your home’s foundation intact. Frequent inspection is paramount to keeping your whole roofing system in full working condition. Your home is your biggest personal investment, protect that investment with the proper equipment and maintenance for your roofing system.


Benefits Of Hiring A Pro for Your Gutter Installation

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