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You won't go wrong by choosing Hewatt Roofing to partner with you in caring for the valuable investment that your property represents. Our established company is locally based right here in the Hoschton area, and we've earned a great reputation for reliability and professionalism over our 26 years in business. You're sure to appreciate our high-quality workmanship and stellar customer care when you go with us for your important residential or commercial roofing services.

Solutions for Every Roofing Concern

We're the team to call for help with any of these roofing-related needs:


Whether your home's roof requires complete replacement due to extensive damage or simply needs a few small spot repairs, our crew is capable of taking care of the job in a timely manner.


If you're concerned about the general condition of your property's roof, our inspection services will provide valuable information that you can use to make decisions regarding future maintenance, repairs, or replacement.


If your property could benefit from a protective gutter system, let us manage the hard work for you. We'll match you with products that are right for your property and install them with speed and accuracy for the best results.


Our commercial roofing services are here to make sure that your building looks great and that your roofing is always in good repair. Our service history includes working for corporate entities of all sizes and complexities.


As the procedure's name suggests, soft washing is a safe method of cleaning years of accumulated soot, tree sap, mold, dirt, and other foreign substances from all types of roofing without harming the roofing material or the natural environment.


Our roofing company offers comprehensive chimney cap services to protect your home from potential hazards. From installation to repair and replacement, our skilled technicians ensure that your chimney cap is properly fitted and maintained for optimal functionality. With our expertise and attention to detail, we safeguard your chimney against weather damage, debris buildup, and unwanted animal intrusion.

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Why You Should Avoid DIY Roofing Services

Residential and commercial roofs are important because they provide critical protection for the contents of the buildings that they cover as well as for the structures themselves. Roofing installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement also require considerable time, effort, and expense. For these reasons, even minor maintenance and repair services are best left in the hands of skilled professionals like the members of our team.

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Our Experience Sets Us Apart

Our decades of collective expertise include handling almost anything that could possibly go wrong with a residential or commercial roof. We have access to quality supplies and modern equipment that allows us to successfully navigate every task, and we offer honest, upfront pricing to prevent sticker shock down the road.

Look No Further for Reliable Roofing Services - Call Us Today!

At the first sign of roofing trouble at your local property, call on the staff of Hewatt Roofing. We'll schedule a consultation and estimate for our professional roofing services in Hoschton, GA, or a nearby area right away. You may also schedule an appointment by filling out our online form.