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Having a “honey do” list may cause some snickering, but I don’t know anyone that likes putting out extra money. 


Well, it’s the month of love. The holiday season is over and just when you think you can give yourself and your wallet a break….you’re wrong! This year many people are being more practical, especially since they’ve spent so much time at home due to Covid. When you’ve looked at that crack in the ceiling, or got caught going for the chips (again), because of the squeaky cabinet door for the last time, you make a “honey do” list! What’s that got to do with love you ask? Let me tell you. Your home is the place you create for those you love, to keep them comfortable, safe and happy, and maintenance is more cost effective than replacement. So, while having a “honey do” list may cause some snickering, I don’t know anyone that likes putting out extra money.


Roofing Repairs 

With over 35 years experience, Hewatt Roofing is a trusted family name in the Atlanta area. You can trust that Jerry Hewatt will inspect and identify the damage that may have occurred during the hurricane season and harsh winter conditions. You will be provided with a written estimate, a list of local references, and samples of materials for your roofing repair. With superior standards for roof repair and installation, we offer a 5-year warranty on all workmanship. Doing good things for good people is how we earned their trust.



Gutter Installation 

We put that same experience and reputation into our gutter systems. Gutters attach to the fascia board at the perimeter of the roof. Downspouts carry water away from the roof and are secured to the home with extensions at or below ground level. The gutter system is intended to keep water flow away from your home, porch and driveway. We know that folks in the Atlanta and Northern Georgia region are especially susceptible to inclement weather such as the howling winds and driving rain of a hurricane, or harshness of the winter months. Our job is to secure and replace damaged components of your gutter system to maximize protection to your home and property.


Attic Ventilation 

Hewatt Roofing technicians are experienced attic ventilation and roof vent equipment installers. Proper ventilation in the attic is crucial to maintaining the comfort and efficiency of your home. Proper air flow and balance can improve quality of life and health in the entire home. Poor ventilation can cause humidity build up and may even cause premature aging of the shingles, wood framing, and siding. An unventilated attic is likely to host mold and mildew growth. Eave and ridge ventilation maintains a balance of air intake at the eave vents and exhaust at the ridge vent.

We value you as our customer and consider you family. At Hewatt Roofing, we offer Atlanta and surrounding residents the highest level of workmanship and the best roofing, gutter, and attic ventilation materials available, at a reasonable price. Our primary goal is to satisfy you! Call us or contact us online at to schedule a free consultation today the Hewatt way!

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