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As you’ve been spring cleaning around the house, have you noticed any major issues with your roof in Alpharetta, GA? Maybe not. Many roofing issues go unnoticed at a simple glance. A thorough inspection for any roof repair needs by a professional will give you the information you need for possible upkeep advice, repair, or replacement. These inspections should take place every 3-5 years, and with Hewatt Roofing, here are a few things we will be checking for your roof repairs in Alpharetta, GA.


Rafters and Joists

A roof inspection should start from inside the home. If the plywood that was originally installed in your home was too thin, there could be sagging decking between the rafters and joists. Current building standards may require a larger piece of plywood to better withhold your roofing material and thus avoid sagging.


Mold Formation

If you can see or smell mold in your home, you definitely need to have your roof inspected. However, mold can form without a noticeable smell at the beginning stages. It can also be hard to find as it can form in sneaky spaces. Our professionals take the time to look at the underside of the roof, or at valleys where roof planes intersect.


Water Stains

Roofing repairs are no stranger to the severe weather that takes place here in Alpharetta, GA. Though water stains can be caused by more than just a roofing issue, it is always good to confirm where and why water stains are appearing in your ceiling and roof. If it is being caused by your roof, one conclusion can lead to roof flashing failure (pieces of metal installed where two areas come together). The other would be an aged or damaged waterproofing membrane.


Standing Water

Is rain penetrating your roof in Alpharetta, GA? If you’re having to grab a bucket to catch the water each time the rain clouds come rolling in, there’s obviously an issue. We can find out the precise area of where the water is coming from and repair/replace the roofing issue.



If there has been a leak in your roof at some point, it may have affected the insulation of your home. Should insulation get wet, the fiberglass could be compressed or contaminated thus not working as effectively.

Yes, it is very important to glance at your entire scope of your home and make sure things look “ok”. Even if nothing seems to be out of place, validate your peace by having one of our professionals come and take a look. We service location all over the Georgia area. We want to make sure your home is safe, sound and secure. We guarantee the highest quality roofing repairs in Georgia. At Hewatt Roofing, our team prides itself on our customer service and the quality of our work on your home. Schedule a thorough inspection of your home’s roof! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your roof repairs!

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