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If your house is well-loved and older, you are renovating, or have noticed your unit has been running non-stop, you may be considering ways to optimize your electric bill by cutting down your HVAC usage. A key component of the efficiency of the heating and cooling unit is how to conserve desired air in your home by eliminating areas for air to escape your home. You may be thinking it has to do with the condition of your roof, but it may not be. How do you improve this issue? One key area is the insulation. The experts at Hewatt Roofing can help direct you to the best conclusion.

Because there are several types of insulation, you need to know the components of each type. Knowing how these different materials can affect your home may make it easier to make a decision on which type to go with. Here are three types of insulation in Roswell, Georgia.

Fiberglass Batts

These roll-in sheets of fiberglass insulation are the easiest type of insulation to install and the least expensive…upfront that is. Fiberglass batts don’t necessarily help lock in the air in the most proficient manner. So, you may be saving money when you purchase this product, but you won’t hardly see a reduction in your utility costs.

Loose-fill Fiberglass

Similar to the Batts, the loose-fill fiberglass is blown in by a machine. There is greater coverage and spread radius with this material. However, with the fiberglass able to settle, it could cause an irritant in the air for people with respiratory problems and can be itchy if it touches the skin. Pros include cost efficiency, and it does reach smaller cracks and tighter areas to reduce convection in your roof.

Spray Foam

Cue the angels singing! Spray foam is the cadillac of insulation. It creates a water-tight barrier, expands to fill cracks, wraps around wiring, strengthens the durability of your roof, and creates an air-lock seal. You may be paying top dollar up front, but this type of insulation will pay for itself within the first 5 years of its use in your homes heating and air efficiency thus lowering the cost. The only other drawback is that once it hardens it’s pretty much permanent.

Hewatt Roofing specializes in all three types of insulation in Roswell, Georgia and it is commonly replaced to make home improvements, but if your insulation is not be the problem, our trusted professionals would be happy to help you with your roofing needs.

Here at Hewatt Roofing, we would love to assess the condition of your roof and confirm if indeed your home needs a repair, replacement or just a routine check up. Call us today for a free, no-hassle consultation.

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