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When you consider maintaining your roof, are you taking into account your gutter system? Gutters and downspouts track water and moisture away from your home. This is a must-have considering the unpredictable Georgia weather. If you’ve noticed damage on the sides of your home, and have thought your roof is still in great shape, it may be time to consider getting a new gutter and downspout system. If you were searching for a “gutter installation near me,” here to provide you exceptional service is Hewatt Roofing.

Gutter Life

Depending on the material, gutters usually last around 20 years. Gutters are made from different types of materials ranging from aluminum to copper, copper maintaining a life twice as long. When you are assessing the condition of your gutters, do them on two separate occasions. On a dry day and on a rainy day. When the weather is favorable, do a walk around your home and check to see if there are any rust spots, cracks, sagging areas or holes. Water should easily flow through gutter systems on a rainy day. Gushing water over the tops of your gutters indicates trouble. Should you have any of these issues, the chances of water damage to your home are high. For peace of mind, you will want to get a trusted professional to assess your gutter system. Stop wasting your time searching “gutter installation near me” to find the right company to do the work.

Consider the Design

Gutters are created to draw water away from your home. They range from 4 feet to 6 feet in width and have several different components. Regular maintenance greatly helps the life of your gutter system but with all of the hangers, bolts, support brackets, end caps and splice plates, and miter boxes it may be easy for an untrained individual to catch some of these elements of the gutter system. The integrity of your roof is not enough. You need to make sure the gutter system is doing its job in keeping water and moisture away from the roof and the home.

For over 35 years, Hewatt Roofing has been installing roofs and gutter systems with countless testimonials and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This is especially important when searching for roofing experts who deliver quality work on one of the biggest investments in your life, your home. So instead of typing “gutter installation near me,” contact us at Hewatt Roofing for serenity and integrous work.

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