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Inspection, guidance and support can help alleviate the headache of dealing with a damaged roof and insurance companies. We can help with roofing insurance claims near Atlanta, Ga!

Damage to your roof requires a little more than putting an old pot in the attic to catch the water. Any damage, no matter how little, left unattended, can and will continue to deteriorate your home. The longer you wait, the bigger the damage and the bigger the bucks. Let’s take a look at how we can walk you through a roofing claim near Atlanta, GA.

Free Inspection and Assessment Here at Hewatt Roofing we offer a free inspection if you suspect damage to your roof. Water damage ignored can not only continue the structural damage but can cause health issues as well. Lets face it, how many times do you run up into your attic to check for leaks? Water absorbed into the attic is recirculated throughout your home via the ventilation system. According to the American Lung Association, this could mean breathing in mold causing respiratory problems for you and your loved ones. Whether the damage is small or emergent, we will work with you and your insurance company to help make this process as easy as possible.

Guidance and Assurance

When working with an insurance company many times they will leave certain things out of their report which converts to, they won’t cover it. That’s where Hewatt Roofing will assist you by reviewing your policy to make sure that nothing is overlooked. We are a family run business and we know how important your family is to you. We’ll work with you side by side to expedite the


Our main concern is making sure that you and your family are comfortable during the claim process. We are here to support you anyway we can by answering questions or addressing any concerns that you may have. Serving our customers is our highest priority. Making your roofing system a sound structure to protect your investment is our job. Let us do our job and help you
through this process.


Hewatt Roofing has been family owned and operated for over 40 years. Hewatt can do it!! So call us today for a free estimate! If you are in the Metro-Atlanta, Gainesville area and need your roof repaired right away call us (770-297-3585) or go online @

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