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Atlanta roofing company works a miracle

In the words of happy Atlanta homeowner Diane O’Steen, the job on her roof by Hewatt Roofing was “just amazing.”

When she left her home at 8:00 in the morning, the Hewatt crew was stripping off the old roof – actually, the two old roofs. When she returned at 8:30 that night, she had a brand-new roof, and the crew and all the debris were gone, leaving no sign that they had ever been there.

“I absolutely could not be more pleased,” she said.

Actually, it wasn’t a miracle at all. In fact, according to Hewatt Roofing co-owner, Pam Hewatt, “We do 95% of our jobs in one day.”

Added Hewatt Roofing President, Jerry Hewatt, “Our crew are not your average roofers. They’re very predictable and take great pride in their work.”

What exactly does that mean to a homeowner?

The challenge

O\’Steen\’s 40-year-old home was covered by one roof laid on top of another. At 18 years old, the newer roof was worn out. In addition, because of flaws in the way it had been installed, the decking – the wood surface under the shingles – was rotten and leaking.

Compounding the damage, nails carelessly hammered into the second roof had penetrated the flashing around O‘Steen\’s chimney, leaving holes that caused even more leaking.

Jerry Hewatt analyzed the situation and concluded that both roofs had to be ripped off and all rotten decking replaced. His goal was to do the entire job in a day.

The result

Upon arrival, Hewatt and his crew covered the bushes and surrounding grass with giant tarps to catch all the debris. Then they went to work, pulling out every nail in every shingle in both roofs with simple hammers. By hand, they pulled off 8,400 square feet of shingles and more than 20 thousand nails – about 10 to 12 tons of trash.

They replaced all rotten decking with the same 1×6 traditional heavy decking as the original. They covered the decking with Shingle Mate felt, which uses an adhesive backing to form a smooth flat surface for the shingles to rest on. They replaced all damaged flashing and covered the old plastic plumbing boots with longer lasting rubber ones. They ended with a new layer of GAF three-tab 25-year shingles.

Yet, when O\’Steen came home that night, there was not a speck of debris to be seen because the crew had tossed it all into their tarps and hauled it away. They had also run nail magnets through all the bushes to pick up any stray nails.

“Not many other Atlanta roofing companies could have done all of that in one day,” said Hewatt. “Most of the them would have taken three to four days.”

The Hewatt Roofing crew actually did leave something behind – bundles of matching replacement shingles.

“Sometimes the manufacturers change their colors,” explained Pam Hewatt. The matching shingles come in handy if someday a fallen tree causes roof damage.

As many Atlanta homeowners have sadly discovered, not all Atlanta roofing companies take this kind of pride in their work.

“We do every job like it\’s our own home,” said Hewatt.

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