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Inspecting your gutters, roof, and flashings for a quick check of winter readiness is super simple with these 3 steps. 


With the new year comes harsh weather. No one wants to do a roof or gutter check this time of year, but sometimes it’s necessary. Regular maintenance is important to keep your home protected from damage not only for the roof itself but all the roof protects.

Inspecting your gutters, roof, and flashings for a quick check of winter readiness is super simple with these 3 steps:


Gutter Check 

Inspecting your gutters seems like a daunting task, however with this quick guide, you’ll see the job is just as simple as it is important. It is first important to look for any obvious damage to your gutters, such as holes or cracks. Then, you’d want to

realign your gutters correctly, making sure all nuts and bolts are tightened properly. Lastly, adding a downspout to your gutters will help to keep melting snow away from your home, keeping it safe and dry. It’s generally recommended to get the gutter 3-5 feet away from your home. Use this link to get yours today.


Flashings Check 

The flashings are such an integral part of your roofing makeup. They work to close gaps between major parts of your roof, such as the roof and chimney. Leaving gaps in the flashings allows for cold air to get into your attic, and allows for water damage to occur. Both of these things are dangerous for your home and wallet. Doing a quick check to make sure your flashings are properly sealed and don’t have any water damage will go far in preventive care. You can replace any damaged flashings and replaster them with plastic cement. However, if you prefer to be less hands on, you can always reach out to us at https://hewattroofing.com/ to schedule your maintenance check today.


Roofing Check 

During winter we are not the only ones who get cold. Many small to medium sized animals are also looking for a way to stay warm in the winter. Racoons, squirrels, and opossums will enter any hole in your roof if given the chance. Imagine sitting at the table and having a moment of silent prayer that is suddenly interrupted with the sounds of babies living in your attic. Any holes these animals see, no matter the size, becomes an invitation into your home. Check closely between the roof and siding or brick, as holes here are most common. Damage from branches falling on the roof can also cause holes and red carpets for our furry friends. Reach out to Hewatt Roofing in Georgia if you see any holes in your roof, and we will quickly get you back to that peaceful prayer you and your family deserve.

Staying ahead of winter by checking over these three elements can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs. It’s easier to fix smaller problems, rather than to allow the small problems to become big problems and become overwhelming.

While we would be happy to replace your roof if need be, we at Hewatt Roofing want to help you maintain your roofing system by keeping your home safe, and leaving you time to focus on what’s most important to you, family. Reach out today for a free inspection www.hewattroofing.com


Happy New Year from the family of Hewatt Roofing!

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