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Gainesville roofing company amazes from the get-go

When a hailstorm damaged the roofs in his neighborhood, Gainesville accountant Julian Dieckman’s insurance agent told him he needed to contact a licensed roofing company. But Dieckman wanted more than just a license.

So he called people he knew he could trust – Jerry and Pam Hewatt, owners of Hewatt Roofing. His insurance company said the company had to be licensed. But Dieckman wanted more than that. As the Hewatts’ personal accountant for more than 20 years, Dieckman knew the kind of people he was dealing with.

The challenge

After hailstorms, homeowners are often barraged by offers from unscrupulous companies offering to repair hail damage that may or may not actually be there. Dieckman knew it was important to use a Gainesville roofing company he could rely on for an honest appraisal of the condition of his roof.

Jerry Hewatt inspected Dieckman’s roof and did find hail-caused dents in the static vents and a significant loss of mineral granules from the asphalt shingles. Bald spots on asphalt shingles – in other words, areas where the protective coating of granules has been abraded off – signal the end of a shingle’s life. They are leaks waiting to happen.

Hewatt\’s detailed report convinced the insurance company to send an inspector, who confirmed his diagnosis and agreed that Dieckman’s policy would cover a new roof. Hewatt and Dieckman agreed on a date and time for the work.

The result

At exactly 7:00 am on the appointed day, Hewatt and his crew showed up and went to work.

Dieckman said he was “amazed.” He had never before had a contract show up when he said he would, much less even at the exact time.

Upon arrival, Hewatt and his crew covered the bushes and surrounding grass with giant tarps to catch all the debris. Then they went to work, pulling out every nail in every shingle with simple hammers. By hand, they pulled off tens of thousands of nails – and several tons of trash.

They then covered the decking with GAF Shingle-Mate® Roof Deck Protection, a felt covering that uses an adhesive backing to form a smooth flat surface for the shingles to rest on. They also installed GAF StormGuard®, an ice and water barrier, around the chimney area and flashed chimney, and new plumbing vent boots with rain collars for additional leak proofing.

In addition to extra protection from future leaks, the Hewatt team added 124 feet of Cobra® RigidVent 3™ for proper attic ventilation. On top of all of that, they laid a roof of 30-year architectural Landmark shingles in the charcoal color Dieckman had chosen.

Hewatt and his crew then wrapped up all the trash and debris in their giant tarps and hauled it away, leaving behind nothing but a brand-new architectural roof and some bundles of extra shingles.

Julian Dieckman was so pleased with both their promptness and the quality of their work that he has referred numerous other homeowners looking for a Gainesville roofing company to Hewatt Roofing.

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