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Roswell roofing company gets every detail right

When Marshall Berry of Roswell, Georgia, noticed a roof leak in his bathroom, he contacted Roswell roofing company Hewatt Roofing. Little did he know what a thorough inspection by owner Jerry Hewatt would reveal.

Before preparing his estimate, Hewatt climbed up and inspected Berry’s entire roof and in so doing found a multitude of small problems just waiting to burst into big problems.

The challenge

The first place Hewatt looked was over the leaky bathroom. There, he found the cause of the leak: the plumbing boot covering the bathroom vent pipe was cracked and letting in water.

Plumbing boots and their seals are, as he explained to Berry, a matter of maintenance. Due to the hot Georgia summers and the chilly winters, most plumbing boots and seals begin to crack within five years. Regular maintenance calls for simply replacing them every five years, before they get so damaged they leak.

Hewatt recommended replacing all five of Berry\’s plumbing boots because they were showing signs of wear and tear and would probably be leaking sooner than later. For added protection against leakage, Hewatt suggested adding a new rubber rain collar over the boot to give it ten years of life instead of five.

Berry had also mentioned a problem with water getting in behind his siding. Hewatt found a gap between the siding and the wall recommended installing angle flashing in between the two surfaces to stop the leak.

As Hewatt further inspected the roof, he discovered leaks waiting to happen around the skylights and the chimney and recommended that they all be resealed as a part of maintenance.

Tired of living with leaks, Berry wanted the job done as soon as possible. Hewatt agreed to return in a week.

The result

On the appointed day, Hewatt was exactly on time. He removed all the plumbing boots and installed GAF StormGuard® Film-Surfaced Leak Barrier, a high-quality ice and water shield. He then installed all new plastic plumbing boots. To give the boots an extra five years of life, he then put rubber rain collars over them. For a perfect finish, he installed the shingles around the base of the plumbing boots and sealed the area.

To solve the rest of Berry’s problems, Hewatt then installed 20 feet of flashing between the wall and siding where the gap had been and sealed the area with a water sealant. He then resealed the three skylights and around the base of the chimney.

Choosing the right Roswell roofing company can be difficult. Berry was so pleased with Hewatt’s work he posted a recommendation of Hewatt Roofing on Angie’s List, a members-only online review service of local service providers.

Among his remarks, Berry wrote: “Jerry was very personal, responsive and very customer focused.”

He wrote further that Hewatt had “provided a fair estimate and performed the work in an expeditious and professional manner.”

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