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Lawrenceville roofing company transforms a leaky roof into an architectural work of art

When Lawrenceville homeowner Tommy Dodd had had enough of his leaky roof, he asked a trusted friend for the name of “an honest roofer.”

His friend, a former customer of Gainesville Georgia based Hewatt Roofing, responded, “I know just the man, and his name is Jerry Hewatt.”

Dodd asked Hewatt to come look at his leaky roof, and Hewatt went out the very next day. Once on the roof, Hewatt found that it was leaking because it was worn out. He told Dodd that if he merely fixed the leaks, given the overall condition of the roof, Dodd could expect more leaks to develop. Rather than trying to keep up with the leaks, Hewatt recommended replacing the leaky roof entirely.

Dodd agreed and accepted Hewatt’s estimate and offer to do the job ten days later. Dodd and his wife chose 30-year architectural Landmark™ Weathered Wood shingles from CertainTeed. This is a shingle with outstanding curb appeal due its resemblance to high-end cedar shingles with blended colors.

The challenge

Dodd\’s roof was steep, what the industry calls a 9/12 pitch. Hewatt and his crew would have to be careful. In addition, because of the leaks, they expected to find rotting decking that would need to be replaced, adding another step to the job. Pam Hewatt gave Dodd a courtesy call the night before to say that Hewatt, his crew with all their materials would be at the house ready to work at 7:00 the next morning.

The result

At exactly 7:00 am, Hewatt and his crew arrived, along with their truck and dump trailer. Both the truck and the trailer are lightweight so as not to damage customers\’ driveways. Before getting to work, they covered Dodd\’s flowerbeds and immediate lawn with large tarps to collect falling debris.

Once on the roof, they began to strip away the old shingles. Just as they had suspected, the decking around the leaks was rotted and needed to be replaced. That done, the crew then covered all the decking with GAF Shingle-Mate® Roof Deck Protection, a felt covering that, unlike traditional felt, which wrinkles, uses an adhesive backing to form a smooth flat surface for the shingles to rest on.

They also installed GAF StormGuard®, an ice and water barrier, in all critical areas on the roof, including valleys and around the chimney and all the plumbing pipes. They also replaced the plumbing vent boots and added rubber rain collars for ten-year protection against leaks, and they boarded up the existing box vents.

For proper attic ventilation, they installed 120 feet of Cobra® RigidVent 3™. RidgeVent removes heat and moisture from the attic to help with Georgia’s summer power bills. It also extends the life of the roof and minimizes peeling of interior and exterior paint.

After laying the new shingles, they then blew the debris out of the gutters. They also ran a nail magnet over the yard and driveway to pick up and remove all the loose nails. They then hauled away all the debris and old shingles in the dump trailer. By the end of the day, the only sign that a roofing crew had been there was a beautiful new roof.

The Dodds said they were “amazed” that such a professional job could be completed in just one day. They were really happy that when they were looking for a Lawrenceville roofing company, their friend had recommended Hewatt Roofing.

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